Friday, February 6, 2009

Car Accident

Well, I had my very first car accident :( I dropped off Lana at school and I dropped off Ryan at his office and as I was leaving his "little" office community I skid right into snowy embankment and rolled the whole car to the side ..... SOOOOO SCARY! My whole purse spilled all over my and my cell hit my right in the head, so I called Ryan right away an he run down the hill (in his dress shoes) in a foot of snow. Very nice man (ex-dentist) who drove behind me called 911 and stayed until the police and fireman and ambulance showed up. Thank goodness I was alone and I did not get injured. I was freaked out beyond belief and was bawling the whole time. The fireman had to put pins under the car, so it wouldn't roll over and one police car had to block it, just in case. Then they had to cut out the carseat and pull me out. I did OK, until that point, after that I passed out and woken up in the ambulance. I was shaking like crazy and my blood pressure was about 78/52 (or something like that). I can't even imagine what it would be like with anybody else in the car or if I would have rolled the other side (which was the hill side). I am grateful it's just the car who got hurt and I count my blessings and thank my guardian angels. I wouldn't have even dreamed of having an accident when I woke up today morning. I am glad that I said "I love you" both to Lana and Ryan when I dropped them off :)


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